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Tetris 99 on Nintendo Switch Guide: How to Play

It not only lets you fight against 98 opponents, but your success in clearing lines and gaining badges can hasten your rival’s defeat. 98 players get whittled down to 50, then 10, leading to the eventual winner. Purchasing that lets you play the offline modes of Tetris 99. With that DLC, you can technically play Tetris 99 without needing to be online or have the subscription. The other thing is the limited release physical copy of Tetris 99 which includes the Big Block DLC on the cart .

Now granted, I have a lot of friends and fans who put a lot of time and hundreds of rounds in Tetris 99 and couldn’t get a win, and I got 47 so I’m pretty proud of myself. In 1,000 matches, I probably finished 2nd place over 100 times, easily. The game starts with 99 players and the goal is to be the last player alive. The number 99 is known from many other battle royale games.

I just hate playing this game online because it’s the type of game where you have to be absolutely obsessed with it and a absolute master at playing it or you will simply get beat up on the entire time. Because of this I can’t say that I have ever had fun playing it online. It’s been a couple of hours and I’m not as crap at Tetris 99 as I was.

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If I do that in Tetris 99, I’m eliminated almost immediately. The result is an incredibly tense experience and also one that offers a nice, bite-sized taste of Tetris, as most games don’t last especially long. Nintendo Switch Online members also gain access to a smartphone app that enhances features of supported games. The soundtrack is comprised of that same old Tetris song from the 1989 Game Boy release. The developers have also decided to remix that song into something I would expect from an Armin Van Buuren set at Tomorrowland, not a Nintendo game.

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The hitch is that online multiplayer was freely available on the Nintendo Switch for a year and a half, and online multiplayer has been free on all Nintendo consoles and handhelds since the Wii. When the Nintendo Switch Online service fully launched, Nintendo began charging for online multiplayer that was open to all Switch owners. This change is particularly unfortunate, since Nintendo hasn’t really playing a round or two of Tetris online upgraded the service in any way. The online multiplayer structure hasn’t been notably improved from when it was free, and each game relies on its own process for matchmaking and competitive play.

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For example, a player with a rating between 9,999 and 14,998 points is called Tetris/Puyo/Puzzle Champion . In April of 2017, this game was released in the Americas and European regions for PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch, as well as the Windows version being released in February 27, 2018. Co-Optimus game reviews focus on the cooperative experience of a game, our final score graphic represents this experience along with an average score for the game overall. For an explanation of our scores please check our Review Score Explanation Guide.

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